Water-based Drilling Mud Treatment Process

The solid control system is an indispensable system function module in oil drilling operations, the traditional solid control system is usually composed of a circulation tank, shale shaker, cleaner, centrifuge, etc., with a high cost of purchase and subsequent use, high energy consumption, low reliability, in order to meet the zero discharge environmental regulations need to support the corresponding drilling mud treatment system and other drawbacks. To this end, we have proposed an integrated solution to replace the traditional water-based waste mud treatment system and drilling waste system based on years of practical experience. It has been successfully applied to an oilfield drilling site in Changqing and has achieved good economic and energy-saving environmental benefits.

Water-based drilling waste disposal process

  1. Wellhead return mud discharge to circulation settling tank;
  2. The mud in the circulating settling tank is settled step by step by way of high overflow and then pumped back to the solid control system with the submersible sludge pump for reuse, and the solid phase is transported to the broken rubber tank with the excavator;
  3. Three agitators are installed on the rubber-breaking tank, and the materials entering the rubber-breaking tank are added to flocculate;
  4. The filter press slurry pump suction broken glue tank flocculated material to the filter press for filtering;
  5. The clear liquid after pressing and filtering can be continuously transported to the storage tank;
  6. The solid phase after filtration is transported to the buried tank through the belt conveyor;
  7. Use the excavator to transfer the solid phase of the buried tank.

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