Water-based Mud zero discharge and oil-based Mud zero discharge

Oil-based Mud zero discharge mainly for directional wells and ultra-deep wells. Directional wells and ultra-deep wells require an oil-based mud system to prepare the mud. The oil-based mud contains expensive diesel or white oil, and the oil-based drilling solids control system treats the oil-based mud. If the drilling cuttings still contain oily mud, if the mud is not treated on the ground, the mud will be wasted and the drilling cost will increase.

Water-based Mud zero discharge mainly for shallow wells. Water-based mud is mainly prepared by adding chemicals or industrial salt to the soil. The solids control system uses water-based mud drilling system. The drilling waste generated by the water-based mud drilling system also contains effective mud. Disposal will also cause waste of mud, which needs to be recycled without mud disposal.

Mud zero discharge is the key to drilling waste treatment. It is the result of improved drilling technology, replacing traditional mud pools, reducing drilling environmental pollution and improving the necessary methods for environmental protection. The current Mud zero discharge includes water-based Mud zero discharge and oil-based Mud zero discharge. The two methods of Mud zero discharge are determined according to the mud treatment system adopted in the drilling.

Mud (drilling fluid), which is used to lubricate the drill bit, cement the well wall and cool down during the drilling process. In the whole drilling process, mud is of great significance to reduce drilling accidents and improve drilling efficiency. Generally, water-based mud systems and oil-based mud systems are mainly used in drilling sites.

However, the Mud zero discharge through the secondary filtration separation and recovery of drilling waste, which directly saves a lot of drilling mud, especially oil-based mud. Therefore, Mud zero discharge is the key to drilling solids control and drilling waste disposal.

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