How to deal with drilling waste at the well site with natural radiation?

KOSUN is a professional manufacturer in drilling waste management. KOSUN has many years of drilling waste management experience. It can provide supporting and efficient oilfield drilling waste mud treatment equipment for different types of waste drilling fluids, especially for waste oil-based mud and waste water-based mud. With rich experience in treatment, we can also provide professional drilling solid waste treatment equipment.

There are two main aspects of the impact of radioactive materials on people: one is that the radioactive material emits rays, it will not directly contact the body, as long as the distance is sufficient, it will generally not cause harm to the body. On the other hand, radioactive pollutants are in direct contact with the body, which is a great harm. We must be very careful to avoid contact with these pollutants as much as possible, so as not to cause unnecessary harm, but also as much as possible to avoid pollution and harm to the environment.

Natural radioactive materials can be treated by appropriate methods, by injecting waste into blocked or abandoned wells, and ensure that the water level is below the groundwater level; or discharge into the ocean after meeting the requirements of relevant environmental protection laws and regulations; or transform it within the allowable content of the environment, and stored in a specially designated place for storing natural radioactive waste; it can even be discharged into an isolated and non-evaporable pool. In order to better solve the problem of radioactive waste disposal and reduce disposal costs. Where radioactive sources are found, the equipment and tools used will also be contaminated by radioactive waste. Therefore, they must be properly handled to prevent secondary pollution.

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