Description of Petroleum Drilling Mud Circulation System Process

The petroleum drilling mud circulation system is a system used in the process of petroleum drilling to circulate and treat drilling mud. The main purpose of this system is to maintain wellbore pressure, cool the drilling bit, suspend drill cuttings, lubricate the drilling tools, and separate drill cuttings and other solid particles to ensure a smooth drilling process.

The petroleum drilling mud circulation system typically consists of wellhead equipment, solid control equipment, liquid phase treatment equipment, pump station system, and control system.

The mud returned from the wellbore is transported to the shale shaker and mud cleaner on the tank via the return line (elevated trough and support) either separately or simultaneously. After being processed by the shale shaker, the mud first goes to the sand settling tank for sedimentation. The settled mud then enters the vacuum degasser for degassing, and the degassed mud goes into the desilter. The desilter pump draws the mud from the desilter to feed the desilter cyclone, and the mud processed by the desilter cyclone enters the desander. The desander pump draws the mud from the desander to feed the desander cyclone, and the mud processed by the desander cyclone enters the mud mixing tank. The mixing pump draws the mud into the centrifuge feed pump tank, and the centrifuge feed pump supplies the mud to the centrifuge for solid-liquid separation. The mud processed by the centrifuge enters the matching tank. The mud processed by the centrifuge can be adjusted for its properties using the weighting pump and weighting hopper, and the mud with adjusted properties is then used through the mud pump pipeline and suction of the mud pump. This completes a large circulation of drilling fluid purification.

The design and configuration of the petroleum drilling mud circulation system may vary depending on different drilling conditions, well depths, and drilling objectives. Through proper system design and operation, efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly drilling processes can be achieved.

KOSUN Drilling Cuttings Management System-Drilling Waste Management

In the ever-evolving world of drilling operations, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are key factors for success. That’s why the KOSUN Drilling Cuttings Management System is an invaluable tool for operators.

Drilling Cuttings Management System

The KOSUN drilling cuttings management system is specifically designed to extract drilling fluid from drill cuttings and clean the drilling fluid for reuse. The main objectives are to maximize drilling fluid recovery and minimize drilling waste, thereby saving costs for the operator. This not only improves operational efficiency but also promotes environmental responsibility.

The system is versatile and can effectively handle oil-based and water-based drill cuttings. For oil-based drilling cuttings, it can reduce the oil content to 3% to 5%, making the drilling fluid suitable for reuse. On the other hand, water-based drill cuttings, reduce the moisture content, making transportation easier and more economical.

The KOSUN drilling cuttings management system effectively saves costs for operators by recycling drilling fluid. This is achieved by significantly reducing the need to purchase new drilling fluid, thereby minimizing operating expenses. Additionally, by reducing the amount of drilling waste, the system can also help operators save on the expense of disposing or further processing the waste, resulting in further cost savings.

KOSUN Drilling Cuttings Management System’s ability to maximize drilling fluid recovery and minimize drilling waste can directly result in significant cost savings for operators. Additionally, its environmental benefits and promotion of sustainable practices make it a valuable asset to the modern drilling industry.

In summary, with the KOSUN Drilling Cuttings Management System, operators can rest assured that they are not only maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness but are also contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for the industry.

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