Drilling fluid purification equipment and circulation program

Commonly used drilling fluid purification equipment:
(1) The shale shaker is used to remove sand particles larger than the mesh size;
(2) The cyclone separator is used to remove particles smaller than the mesh size of the vibrating screen;
(3) screw type centrifuge, the effect is to reclaim barite and separate clay particles;
(4) Sieve drum centrifugal separator, the function is to recover barite.

The properties of drilling fluid mainly include:
(1) density; (2) viscosity; (3) yield value; (4) static shear force; (5) water loss; (6) mud cake thickness; (7) sand content; (8) pH; (9) ) solid phase, oil-water content.

Drilling fluid is the blood of drilling, and its main functions are:
1) Carrying and suspending cuttings;
2) Cooling and lubricating drill bits and drilling tools;
3) Cleaning and scouring the bottom of the well to facilitate drilling;
4) Prevent blowout;
5) protect the well wall and prevent the well wall from collapsing;
6) transmit power for downhole power drilling tools.

Circulation procedure of drilling fluid in drilling:
Drilling fluid tank via pump→ground manifold→standpipe→water hose, faucet→inside the drill string→drill bit→annular space outside the drill string→wellhead, mud (drilling fluid) tank→drilling fluid purification equipment→drilling fluid tank.

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