Oil sludge modulation in China — the status of mechanical separation technology.

Although many advanced technologies in foreign countries have been successful, but because of the conditions in all aspects of our country are greatly limited, so that these efficient technologies cannot be fully applied in our country. Our country can only draw lessons from its essence, innovate the sludge treatment technology which is suitable for our country present situation.

Oil sludge modulation in China — the status of mechanical separation technology

In the domestic refinery oily sludge modulation system, commonly used flocculants include polymer inorganic flocculants such as polyaluminium chloride, polyferric sulfate and polymer organic flocculants such as high degree of polymerization of non-ion, cation, anionic polyacrylamide and other long chain macromolecules. Most units use cationic organic flocculant or organic flocculant combined with lime before mechanical dehydration to improve the flocculation and dehydration effect. The pre-treatment of sludge in refineries in China generally adopts mechanical dewatering process, mainly with belt filter press and centrifuge. The moisture content of dehydrated sludge is 75%~80%. According to the results of various experiments, the sludge modulation-mechanical dewatering process has developed quite well among the various treatment processes for oily sludge.

Xi ‘an KOSUN is a professional company providing comprehensive solutions for oily sludge treatment.

Xi ‘an KOSUN is a professional company providing comprehensive solutions for oily sludge treatment in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, focusing on the development and service of complete sets of technologies and equipment such as reduction and resource utilization of oily sludge.

Source of oily sludge

1. Oily sludge generated by crude oil exploitation

The oily sludge generated in the process of crude oil exploitation mainly comes from the ground treatment system. The oily sludge generated in the process of oil production sewage treatment, together with the flocs formed by the water purification agent added in sewage purification treatment, the corrosion products and scale of equipment and pipelines, and bacteria (corpse), etc., constitute the oily sludge. This kind of oily sludge generally has the characteristics of high oil content, high viscosity, fine particle size and difficulty in dehydration, which not only affects the quality of crude oil, but also affects the water quality of injection in profile control of injection Wells and leads to the difficulty in reaching the standard of effluent.

2. Oily sludge is generated in the process of oilfield technology

Oily sludge may also mainly come from oil storage tanks, sedimentation tanks, sewage tanks, grease trap bottom sludge, oil sands and sludge removed from oil and water treatment facilities of refinery, light hydrocarbon processing plants and natural gas purification devices, as well as crude oil and oily sludge landed from drilling, operation and pipeline perforation. When storing oil in oil storage tank, a small amount of mechanical impurities, sand grains, soil, heavy metal salts, paraffin and asphaltene and other heavy oil components in oil products are deposited at the bottom of oil tank, forming oil sludge at the bottom of tank. In addition, the sewage from primary settling tank, secondary settling tank and well washing water recovery tank can also produce oily sludge.

3. Oily sludge generated from the sewage treatment plant of the refinery

The oily sludge in the sewage treatment plant of the refinery mainly comes from the bottom sludge of the oil separation tank, the scum of the flotation site and the bottom sludge of the original oil tank, commonly known as “three mud”. These oily sludge consists of different compositions, usually with an oil content of 10%~50%, an moisture content of 40%~90%, and a certain amount of solids.

Kosun Environmental Engineering oil sludge treatment

Kosun Environmental Engineering oil sludge treatment scheme 1:Air flotation scheme for oil sludge recovery and separation system.
The application of the air flotation scheme in the oil sludge recovery and separation system can effectively realize the separation of oil, water and mud, and recover the reusable oil products in the sludge. At the same time, targeted chemical agents are used to reduce the oil content of the discharged sludge, with the lowest oil content of 0.5%, meeting the environmental protection emission standard.

Kosun Environmental Engineering oil sludge treatment scheme 2:Skid-mounted oil sludge treatment system.
On the basis of introducing advanced separation technology from Europe and combining with domestic military manufacturing team, Kosun Environmental Engineering is specialized in manufacturing high-speed horizontal screw centrifuges.With the development concept of combining independent research and introduction, the company strives to make a breakthrough in the application function of centrifuge physics, so as to solve the secondary pollution problem caused by chemical treatment.Company research and development of special oil sludge, dirty oil, aging oil two phase and three phase horizontal screw centrifuge won the unprecedented good results in production practice. The various indicators are better than national standards, with a core of the special oil sludge horizontal screw centrifuge treatment system is fully operational, it will reduce the labor intensity of users, reduce the production cost of the using enterprise, at the same time can also provide cost-effective manufacturing in China for the international market.

Kosun Environmental Engineering oil sludge treatment scheme 3:Analytical processing technology of electric radiation and heat.
Kosun Environmental Engineering analytical processing technology of electric radiation and heat is mainly composed of “sludge pretreatment + analytical processing of electric radiation and heat + water treatment” and other processes.In order to meet the requirements of “reduction” of the factory, this scheme mainly realizes reduction of oily sludge through the analytical processing technology of electric radition and heat, which make the liquid phase reduction rate over 94%.

Application range of Kosun Environmental Engineering oil siudge treatment:
1.Drilling mud
2.Field oil
3.Oil field drilling oil base mud deoiling treatment
4.Waste machinery lubricating oil and emuision oil treatment
5.Fracturing fluid and flowback effluent
6.Complex mixed oil sludge from industrial oil sludge garbage pit
7.Pelagic tanker bilge oil sludge
8.Oil refinery water treatment oily scum and oily bottom sludge and so on
9.Oil sludge at tank bottom of oil field union station
10.Sediment isolation layer in natural sedimentation and dehydration of oil field union station
11.Slag containing sludge from ship fuel oil and lubricating oil separator
12.Coal tar is extracted from coal chemical industry
13.Aging oil of oil field union station
14.Oil-bearing scum produced during water treatment in oil field
15.Oily sludge treatment in oil chemical plants
16.Other Mineral-bearing oil sludge sand treatment

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Prospects for Oil Sludge Management Equipment

With the promulgation of the new environmental law, the environmental requirements is getting higher and higher to the oil field, and free discharge of oil sludge will no longer be allowed.Oil Sludge Management is becoming a focal issue.

Oil sludge is oil mixed into the soil.It will be mixed together and become very difficult to deal with.Oil sludge mainly from two aspects: First, crude oil from the stratum to the ground and accumulated in all kinds of containers, large tanks and recycling pools and other ground facilities; Second, Oil sludge produced by oil wells operations.

oil sludge management
oil sludge management

Oily sludge is mainly derived from oil field mining and sewage treatment plant, in general, the sludge oil content is from 10% to 50%, moisture content is from 40% to 90%. The ultimate purpose of Oil Sludge Management is to reduce the harmful resources. The common oil sludge treatment methods are solvent extraction, incineration, biological, coking, oily sludge profile control, comprehensive utilization of oil sludge. The results show that the current methods for Oil Sludge Management have their own characteristics and scope of application. As the oil sludge composition is complex, there is no treatment that can treatment all types of oily sludge.

According to statistics, the size of the pollutant treatment market is between 100 to 150 billion yuan in each year,and according to roughly calculation,the investment of Oil Sludge Management equipment needs more than 150 billion.

Since 2007,Daqing Oilfield have built nine Oil Sludge Management station, the annual treatment capacity can reach 3.2 million tons,all the oil sludge had been treatment harmless. Changqing Oilfield build a Longdong oil field sludge treatment station in 2013 and used the physical and chemical combined methods, the oil content of the treatmented oil sludge is less than 2%, moisture content is less than 60%, while the crude oil can be recovered. Xinjiang Fengcheng Oilfield operating area using microbial agents to deal with heavy oil sludge and the test results is very good, sludge oil content from 15% down to 2% below after treatment. The current test has been reviewed by the company.

Oil Sludge Management
Oil Sludge Management

KOSUN company can provide a corresponding set of Oil Sludge Management equipment,and our equipment have been exported to foreign countries,such as the United States, Europe, Russia, the Middle East and other regions, our oil sludge treatment system are well received by the foreign customer.If you need more information about our Oil Sludge Management equipment,please contact us!(Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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