Mud gun: Solve the problem of drilling mud systems in an oilfield

In oil field drilling operations, mud systems play a critical role in delivering drilling fluid (mud) to the bottom of the well, maintaining wellbore stability, cooling the bit, reducing friction between the bit and the hole, and carrying cuttings from the bottom hole to the surface. High mud system… Operation is critical to the smooth running of drilling operations. However, mud systems often accumulate a large amount of mud residue after a long period of operation, resulting in reduced operating efficiency and damage to bottom-hole stability. To solve this problem, the mud gun-mud tank cleaning equipment came into being and became a helpful assistant in oil drilling operations.

  1. Working principle of the device

Mud gun-mud tank cleaning equipment uses the principle of high-pressure water flow and mechanical rotation to quickly wash and remove residual mud, cuttings, and solid particles from the mud system. Through the impact of high-pressure water flow, the equipment can quickly wash the mud residue attached to the wall of the mud tank, improve the cleanliness of the mud system, and maintain the efficient operation of the system.

2. Device features

High… Cleaning: The equipment adopts a combination of high-pressure water flow and mechanical rotation, which can… Clean the mud tank, mud gun, and other equipment, and keep the system clean.

Water conservation: equipment adopts high-pressure water flow technology, nozzle design fine… Can maintain the cleaning effect at the same time… Maximize the conservation of water resources.

Easy to operate: The equipment is compact and easy to operate, and only the operator can click the button to complete the cleaning task and improve the working efficiency.

Strong adaptability: The equipment can be customized according to the needs of different mud systems, to adapt to different specifications, models of mud tanks, and mud guns.

  1. Application scope

Mud gun-mud tank cleaning equipment is widely used in oil drilling operations, which can not only improve the cleanliness of the mud system, and extend the service life of the equipment, but also reduce the maintenance cost and improve the operation efficiency. The equipment is also suitable for other industrial areas where cleaning mud systems are required, such as mines, construction, etc.


The emergence of mud gun – mud tank cleaning equipment has brought a new solution for oilfield drilling operations. Its features of efficient cleaning, water saving, and easy operation make the maintenance of the mud system more convenient and efficient. In the growing oilfield drilling industry, this equipment provides reliable technical support for improving operational efficiency and ensuring operational safety.

Oil drilling waste, how to turn waste into treasure?

Oil drilling waste is the waste produced by oil and natural gas in the drilling process, which contains a large number of chemical auxiliaries and is difficult to deal with, and the disposal cost is high, and the final destination of waste after treatment is difficult to completely resource. At present, the commonly used solid-liquid separation technology uses chemical flocculation, sedimentation, and mechanical separation to separate the solid and liquid two phases in drilling waste, and then carry out terminal treatment respectively. After the filtrate is transported to the treatment field for pretreatment, it is re-injected, water-treated, and reused by the drilling team. The problem is that the recovery rate is low and the treatment cost is high. The mud cake is transported to the brick factory or cement factory for use, and the utilization rate is very low. Most of the mud cake is in the stacking or waiting stage.

After treatment, the drilling waste is added with a curing agent, compacted by a road roller, and solidified into a dense plate through physical and chemical reactions with non-machine binder, soil, and water. Instead of cement, lime, gravel, and other materials, it is used for subgrade treatment of various grades of roads and foundation treatment of various construction sites, and can also be directly paved low-grade roads, landscape roads, or temporary roads. It can also be used in agricultural and water conservancy construction of earth engineering. While saving a lot of construction costs, it also avoids the mining, processing, transportation, storage, and use of natural road-building materials, and reduces vegetation destruction, soil erosion, coal, and fuel consumption, which is of great significance for resource conservation and ecological protection.

This new method of final disposal of oil drilling waste eliminates the cumbersome process, eliminates the need for separate treatment of solid and liquid phases, eliminates the need for costly waste disposal on the well site, and leaves no traces of pollution. Through supporting environmental protection agents and automation equipment, the three steps are completed in one go, turning dirty drilling waste into usable building materials, no waste is generated in the process and the final product, and no secondary pollution is generated. Using this technology, the pollution traces of these wastes from the surface of our beautiful planet are “erased”, and turn into an available harmless resource, turn waste into treasure, use these wastes, save part of valuable building materials resources, “benefit today, benefit all generations”, has far-reaching significance and great contribution to the environmental protection and petroleum industry in China and even the world.

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