Petroleum Solids Control Mud Tank

The Petroleum Solids Control Mud Tank is used to store the mud transported between the drilling wellhead and the mud pump. Petroleum Solids Control Mud Tanks are often referred to as mixing tanks, storage tanks or supply tanks.

Petroleum solids control mud tanks can be divided into replenishment tanks, metering tanks, trailer-mounted mud tanks, cooling tanks, etc. according to different uses. The Petroleum solids control mud tank adopts electric centralized control, and its manifolds are built-in manifolds, which are convenient for installation, disassembly and transportation. In extreme low temperature areas, the tank body is equipped with a heating system and a heat preservation system.

KOSUN Petroleum solids control mud tank adopts centralized electric control; heating and heat preservation system applied for tank body in polar regions. When used in drilling blocks, KOSUN Petroleum solids control mud tank has the following advantages: ensuring no mud loss, reducing environmental pollution, lowering labor intensity and satisfying drilling requirements timely through mud mixing. KOSUN can also design and manufacture mud tanks according to customers’ specific requirements.

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