KOSUN SP series shear pump is a centrifugal pump designed for quick configuration of drilling mud.

KOSUN SP series shear pump is a centrifugal pump designed for quick configuration of drilling mud.

SP series shear pump can effectively mix and fully hydrate the added materials in the drilling fluid, save the use of mud materials, shorten the mud configuration time, provide good mud performance for the drilling process, is an ideal drilling fluid solid control equipment. The degree of dispersion and hydration of bentonite particles in water depends on: electrolyte content, time, temperature, number and concentration of surface replaceable cations in water. Other things being equal, SP series shear pumps can save bentonite by more than 30%.

SP series shear pumps allow the polymer to be diluted and hydrated as soon as possible. The high molecular weight of the polymer used in the mud is high, and it is not easy to hydrate directly, so the polymer needs to be pre-cut. The shear pump provides high shear efficiency and speeds up the dilution and hydration of the polymer, thus improving the quality and efficiency of the mud distribution.

Final disposal and utilization of sludgeⅠ

After sludge is treated and disposed by a series of methods, there are generally the following final disposal methods for the dried sludge:

1. Sanitary landfill

Sanitary landfill is a traditional and mature sludge disposal method with low investment requirements and good effect, and can also increase part of urban construction land. As for the dry sludge, it is generally selected to be buried together with the municipal daily household garbage through solid waste landfill, or special sludge landfill can be set up for it. However, the current sludge treatment technology is not very perfect, some harmful substances in the sludge may not be removed clean, after landfill may have a certain potential threat to the surrounding environment.

2. Incineration

Incineration is the most thorough way of disposal. Because sludge contains a lot of organic matter and fibrous lignin, it generates a lot of heat after incineration, and the residue is less, and does not need sterilizing treatment. The energy generated during incineration can be used to generate electricity, and the ashes after incineration can be used to make cement, etc. Incineration of sludge is a very effective way to dispose of sludge.

Oil sludge modulation in China — the status of mechanical separation technology.

Although many advanced technologies in foreign countries have been successful, but because of the conditions in all aspects of our country are greatly limited, so that these efficient technologies cannot be fully applied in our country. Our country can only draw lessons from its essence, innovate the sludge treatment technology which is suitable for our country present situation.

Oil sludge modulation in China — the status of mechanical separation technology

In the domestic refinery oily sludge modulation system, commonly used flocculants include polymer inorganic flocculants such as polyaluminium chloride, polyferric sulfate and polymer organic flocculants such as high degree of polymerization of non-ion, cation, anionic polyacrylamide and other long chain macromolecules. Most units use cationic organic flocculant or organic flocculant combined with lime before mechanical dehydration to improve the flocculation and dehydration effect. The pre-treatment of sludge in refineries in China generally adopts mechanical dewatering process, mainly with belt filter press and centrifuge. The moisture content of dehydrated sludge is 75%~80%. According to the results of various experiments, the sludge modulation-mechanical dewatering process has developed quite well among the various treatment processes for oily sludge.

The desander cleaner is used in the solid phase control system of drilling fluid.

The desander cleaner is used in the solid phase control system of drilling fluid. It is a combination of cyclone desander and vibrating screen.

Desanding cleaner designed according to the principle of particle sedimentation, the drilling fluid separation medium through sand pump produce certain pressure and velocity, along the spiral into the cyclone wall, coarser particles under the action of centrifugal force and gravity walls along the hydrocyclone vortex sink, from the
underflow port , falls below breakdown vibrating screen separation, has risen in a spiral along the hydrocyclone, the rest of the media from the overflow mouth into the third grade separation equipment desilter further purification treatment.

Installation and debugging of desander cleaner:

The desander cleaner is m+ainly composed of a vibrating screen, a shunt manifold and a cyclone. The inlet pipe and overflow pipe of the desander cleaner are symmetrical at both ends to facilitate installation. Connect the slurry outlet of the sand pump with the inlet pipe of the desilter cleaner, and drain the overflow pipe of the desilter to another drilling fluid tank.

KOSUN MA series mud aitator

KOSUN MA series mud aitator belongs to the equipment of tank type drilling fluid solid control system, it is mainly used for drilling fluid mixing, prevent the drilling fluid solid phase particle deposition in the tank circulation system, make the circulating drilling fluid performance is stable, mixing, mixer by explosion-proof motor, reducer, frame and wave wheel of four most. The motor and the reducer, the reducer and the wave wheel shaft are connected by a rigid coupling, and the wave wheel is welded by four blade groups.

Installation and maintenance of mud agitator:

1. When installing the mud agitator, lift the agitator horizontally and place it in the desired position smoothly;

2. Mud agitator rigid coupling must be equipped with spring pad and should be solid and reliable;

3. During the operation of mud mixer, there should be no difference in sound, cassette and high temperature;

4. The oil level of the mud agitator reducer should be kept in the middle of the oil window, and the oil should be replenished frequently when working.