KOSUN screw conveyor is designed in accordance with strict safety standards.

Basic principle and characteristics of the horizontal screw conveyor: horizontal screw conveyor is a rotating screw will be pushed forward and transport along the casing of materials in transmission work, is a new kind of in the bottom of the bin and to break the arch and the uniform feeding, its broken arch performance is strong, for all kinds of powdery and granular materials can achieve broken arch and continuous transmission function, and effectively eliminate different particle size and proportion of mixed material in bending phenomenon occurs in the bunker, thus effectively avoid material wriggle through the earth cabin, and to material status as running water.The horizontal screw conveyor has many features. The screw conveyor is convenient for multi-point loading and unloading. The mixing, stirring and cooling functions can be completed simultaneously in the conveying process.

KOSUN is a professional manufacturer of screw conveyors integrating research, design, production, installation and after-sales service. The company in a responsible attitude to customers, the design and manufacture of products in strict accordance with the testing standards for quality testing. Over the years, with advanced technology, excellent quality, by the majority of customers at home and abroad praise.

KOSUN screw conveyor is designed in accordance with strict safety standards, and its u-shaped groove has a grille shield to prevent foreign objects from entering the groove, ensuring the safety of the operation of the staff. The bottom frame protects and supports the conveyor, ensuring the structural stability of the equipment.

Features and advantages of KOSUN screw conveyor:

1. High efficiency transmission: compact structure, stepless speed regulation, different processing capacity, can meet the needs of different drilling conditions;

2. Flexibility of the structure: each section is 12 feet and consists of several sections. The total length can be flexibly determined according to the equipment layout at the drilling site;

3. There is a grille cover on the u-shaped groove to prevent foreign bodies from entering the groove, ensuring the operation safety of the staff;

4. The spiral blade of the screw conveyor is made of anti-corrosion and wear-resistant material to extend its service life;

5. Advanced and reasonable design, combined with advanced manufacturing technology and perfect quality assurance system, make it has small volume, large load bearing torque, low noise, oil leakage and other significant advantages.

Sludge dewatering and capacity reduction is not only an important part of sludge treatment.

Sludge dewatering and capacity reduction is not only an important part of sludge treatment, but also the most difficult part to realize. Domestic sewage treatment plants can only reduce the sludge moisture content to about 80% by mechanical dehydration, and a large amount of water brings great difficulties to the follow-up treatment of sludge. If the water is removed by means of heat evaporation, the huge energy consumption makes the sludge treatment cost high.

The reason why sludge dewatering and capacity reduction is difficult is that the sludge obtained in the sewage treatment process has high hydrophilicity, which makes it difficult for the water in the sludge to be liquid to achieve low-cost and efficient separation, resulting in the dewatering sludge difficult to achieve the economic and environmental unity of the treatment goal.

The sludge produced by sewage treatment has a high water content. Due to the combination of water and sludge particles, mechanical method to remove the sludge has a certain limit. The content of organic matter in the sludge, the proportion of ash, especially the addition of flocculant, has an important impact on the final solid content.Mud cake is still high in moisture content and fluid property, so it is difficult to dispose of it and the cost is still high, so it is necessary to further reduce the amount.At this point, in addition to natural air drying, only through the input of heat to form evaporation, can achieve a large reduction.The process of using heat to dry is called heat drying.