Drilling Oil-Based Cuttings Treatment Achieves Source Reduction and Emission Reduction

Drilling oil-based cuttings treatment achieves source reduction and emission reduction.

KOSUN’s cuttings dryer equipment can perform drying treatment on oil-based mud cuttings, achieving source reduction and emission reduction objectives, and enabling the drilling mud not to be discharged on-site and the waste mud to be recycled and reused.
Through the treatment of KOSUN’s cuttings dryer equipment, the following effects can be achieved:
(1) Significantly reduce the amount of solid phase emissions.
(2) The drilling fluid in drilling waste can be separated and recovered through high-speed variable frequency centrifuge, thus enabling reuse in the drilling solid control system.
(3) It can help drilling companies save a significant amount of drilling fluid costs.
(4) It can reduce the costs of handling, transportation, and centralized treatment of drilling waste, making it the best choice for drilling companies’ drilling waste treatment projects.

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