KOSUN Mud Cleaner for Drilling Fluids Plays an Important Role in the Drilling Mud System

2, Gas separation: The drilling mud cleaner can remove gases from the drilling fluid, such as dissolved gases, bubbles, and free gas. By separating gases, it prevents negative impacts on the performance of the drilling fluid, such as reducing its density and increasing viscosity.

3, Viscosity reduction: The mud cleaner can lower the viscosity of the drilling fluid by removing colloids and high-molecular-weight polymers, improving its flowability and pumping performance.

Mud cleaner for drilling fluids is the second phase purification Equipment in the Drilling mud system. It’s mainly used for the treatment of 15~47μm solid particles in drilling fluids. The main purpose of the mud cleaner for drilling fluids is to purify and treat the drilling fluid during the drilling process in order to maintain and optimize the performance and quality of the drilling fluid.
Its specific uses include:
1, Solids control: The mud cleaner machine effectively removes solid particles from the drilling fluid, such as drill cuttings, rock cuttings, and sand particles. This helps maintain the cleanliness of the drilling fluid, preventing the accumulation and deposition of solid particles in drilling equipment, thereby reducing equipment wear and failures.

4, Performance adjustment: The mud cleaner desilter desander allows for the adjustment of the drilling fluid according to specific needs. This can be achieved by adding chemical agents and adjusting process parameters to meet the requirements of different formations and drilling conditions, such as adjusting the density, viscosity, and filtration control of the mud.

In a word, the mud cleaner is used to ensure that the drilling fluid maintains good performance and quality, thereby improving drilling efficiency and safety. KOSUN Machinery can design and produce different types of Mud cleaner according to customer needs.


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