Drilling Waste Management Functions of Kosun

Drilling Waste Management Functions

Drilling waste management functions is different involve with  drilling waster management system .

Drilling waste management is a very complex work. As there is a concern for the environmental degradation due to the contamination caused by an inefficient disposal of shale shaker generated drilling waste, drilling companies all around the world try to handle the total procedure of drilling waste management professionally.

A specific systematic process is followed in the approach of waste management. In this process, there are several functions that should be followed one by one. This step by step procedure helps to develop an efficient waste management system. In this article, an attempt will be taken to have snake peak to all the functions that are involved in a drilling waste management.

drilling waste management functions
drilling waste management functions

Drilling waste management functions : The first function of any companies drilling waste management is equipping the essential equipment and tools in the drilling areas. These equipments include shale shaker, vertical dryer and G force drying shaker etc. After equipping these machines, the drilling waste is gathered in a pit for processing. In the next phase, the function that is required to perform is to control the solid concentration.

An increased solid concentration in the waste is hard to dispose. The next activity in the to do list for drilling waste management is determining the particle size and the volume of waste that is required to be disposed.

The surface area that would be used for the disposal should also be prepared in this stage. In the next step, the drilling waste gets separated from the core mineral products that have been extracted from the mines. It is a redundant process in which the focus is given to extract the maximum amount of mineral.

After the separation, the drilling waste is processed for decontamination via various equipments. After that the waste gets disposed finally in the environment.