Structural features of core equipment for oil drilling waste mud treatment

Structural features of core equipment for oil drilling waste mud treatment equipment:

  1. The main parts such as the drum are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel;
  2. The feeding screw adopts special anti-wear measures, which can be spray-welded with carbide protective layer or mounted with carbide resistant sheet;
  3. Large aspect ratio and high speed. Drum cone structure with various angles;
  4. Cycloidal pinwheels, planetary gears or hydraulic differentials with heavy load and large transmission ratio can be selected;
  5. The differential speed and torque can be automatically adjusted with the change of material concentration and flow rate by a microcomputer control system.

The core equipment of oil drilling waste mud treatment-centrifuge main consists of rotating drum, screw propeller, big end support plate, small end support plate, differential, main drive motor, auxiliary drive motor, hydraulic coupling, bearing seat, rotating body It consists of a shield, a transmission shield, a transmission belt, a control box and a base. The bowl and the screw propeller are the core components of the centrifuge, where the solid phase separation of the drilling fluid is carried out.

KOSUN oil drilling waste mud treatment equipment, can be fully automatic operation, the machine has large processing capacity, mobile operation, low cost, small footprint, simple operation, good separation performance, strong adaptability, low labor intensity, Intelligent control and other advantages. KOSUN solid-liquid separation equipment is specially suitable for oil drilling mud, sand washing wastewater treatment, mining mud dewatering, tailings mud treatment, washing platform mud dewatering, ore washing wastewater treatment and other mud and water separation.

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