Measures for Drilling Waste Treatment in Sichuan Oil and Gas Fields

Sichuan Oil and Gas Field is an oil and gas production area centered on the Sichuan Basin in Southwest China. With 125 existing gas fields and 12 oil fields, it is the largest natural gas industrial base in the country and the first natural gas production area in China with a natural gas output exceeding 10 billion yuan. Sichuan oil and gas field is a large gas field in the country. If the drilling waste is not effectively treated, it will cause serious environmental pollution problems.

The waste of drilling waste treatment in Sichuan oil and gas field is mainly for the treatment of various pollutants such as waste liquid, cuttings, waste gas and mud generated in the drilling process. The purpose of processing drilling waste is to finally turn the drilling waste into treasure, that is, water can be recycled and solid waste can be used reasonably.

Disposal method of drilling waste in Sichuan oil and gas field: First, in the solid-liquid separation stage, the mud and sand are treated with a mud shaker, a sand pump, a desander, and a desilter, and then the mud is stored in a mud tank for drying. The equipment generally used for waste drying treatment includes: screw conveyor, drill cuttings dryer, screw pump, and centrifuge equipment.

Drilling mud recycling: The treated mud can be reused, and the dried waste residue can be used in construction projects such as brick making or road paving. The treatment of oil and gas field drilling waste through the above process not only achieves the purpose of environmental protection and harmlessness, but also enables the waste to be used economically and rationally, achieving the dual goals of environmental protection and energy saving.

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