KOSUN Comprehensive Drilling Waste Treatment Solution

Solid-liquid separation is an important part of the drilling waste treatment process. The smaller the proportion of the water content in the waste, the smaller the volume of the remaining solids, and the smaller the required treatment cost, which can effectively control the treatment cost and reflect economic benefits. In recent years, domestically developed orifice plate filter presses, filter belt dewatering conveyors, horizontal screw centrifuges and other dewatering devices have promoted the improvement of drilling waste treatment technology.

This kind of treatment route is to let the sewage pond that collects wastes settle naturally first , and perform conventional sewage treatment on the free water produced after natural settlement; at the same time, add flocculants and coagulants to the sludge part for chemical destabilization treatment, and then pass it through dewatering devices such as centrifuges, filter belt dehydrators, orifice plate filter presses further separate solids and liquids, and finally solidify and treat the separated solids and moisture respectively, thereby completing the elimination of drilling and completion waste fluids. Harmful treatment. In this scheme, since the dehydration device is still in the trial stage, the degree of automation is not high and the efficiency is low.

drilling waste treatment solution
drilling waste treatment solution

Therefore, to improve efficiency, it is necessary to reduce from the source, and to simultaneously treat waste during the drilling process. After fully drawing on some advanced foreign experience, combined with the on-site situation of the drilling site in the country. KOSUN, a manufacturer of oil drilling equipment and solids control equipment, has formulated a comprehensive drilling waste treatment solution for customers. The program starts from the source through four major steps of solids control equipment-dehydration/water treatment/water recycling/filtering-mud recovery-solidification/biodegradation/thermal analysis/drill cuttings reinjection.

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