Features and advantages of KOSUN’s vertical cuttings dryer.

In oil and gas drilling, water based mud is used in shallow Wells and oil based mud is used in deep Wells. Conventional solid control equipment can effectively recover heavy metal and useful drilling fluid items. If these solid phase parts containing heavy metals and compounds are discharged randomly without treatment, long-term precipitation will cause great harm to the surrounding vegetation, soil, groundwater and other natural environment and human survival environment.

With the constant improvement of the environmental protection requirement, puts forward higher requirements on drilling field cuttings nursing, the emergence of drilling waste purification system, not only can very good to solve the environmental problems, at the same time to the waste of the solid control system to produce secondary recycling, can maximize the retention of mud is useful at the same time, to focus again after processing of drilling cuttings curing processing, reduce on-site damage to the surrounding environment.

Features and advantages of KOSUN’s vertical cuttings dryer:

1. Self-suction device, which does not need centrifugal pump to supply drilling mud;

2. Eliminate corrosion and reduce the cost of repair and maintenance;

3. Compact design and small space;

4. Deaerator can also be used as a high-power mud mixer;

5. Excellent performance, low noise, flexible and reliable braking;

6. With large capacity, low energy consumption and perfect shockproof, timing, automatic and safety control system.