KOSUN oil-based mud drilling waste treatment system

Kosundrilling waste treatment system is also known as drilling mud zero-discharge, rock cuttings mud zero-discharge, drill cuttings mud zero-discharge, mud while drilling mud zero-discharge. According to the useage, it is divided into: water-based mud zero-discharge and oil-based mud zero-discharge. Its main equipment includes: dry shale shaker, drill cuttings dryer, drilling fluid centrifuge, screw conveyor, screw pump, etc. The mud zero-discharge can effectively control the cuttings moisture content (6% -10%) in the drilling mud, stabilize the liquid phase performance, and achieve the purpose of mud zero-discharge drying treatment. According to customer needs and site conditions, the mud zero-discharge system can be customized.

Filter presses and drill cuttings dryers are important equipment for processing drilling mud waste to achieve solid-liquid separation and dehydration and drying. Compared with drill cuttings dryer, the filter press is an early dewatering device for waste drilling mud. It requires the addition of chemical auxiliary, the screen cloth is easy to block, the operation is complicated, the labor intensity is high, and the maintenance cost is high. The drill cuttings dryer is a new type of solid-liquid separation and drying equipment. It does not need to add chemical auxiliary. The
vibrating screen is not easy to block. the installation area is small. It is easy to install and operate. The processing capacity is strong. . With low maintenance costs, at present, it has become an popular equipment for domestic and foreign enterprises to solve the problem of solid-liquid separation and drying of mud in the fields such as drilling while abandoning or abandoned mud ponds, and the treatment of mud zero-discharge .

Technical features of KOSUN drilling waste management.

Drilling waste management, mainly with the constant improvement of the environmental protection requirement, puts forward higher requirements on drilling field cutting processing, the emergence of drilling waste purification system, not only can very good to solve the environmental problems, at the same time to the waste of the solid control system to produce secondary recycling, can maximize the retention of mud is useful at the same time, to focus again after processing of drilling cuttings curing processing, reduce the field work for the destruction of the environment. Its main equipment includes: vibrating screen, cuttings dryer, drilling fluid centrifuge, screw conveyor, screw pump and other equipment.

Technical features of KOSUN drilling waste management:

1. Adopt advanced slurry-drying technology, which can effectively recover useful liquid phase in drilling cuttings and achieve high efficiency curing treatment;

2. Low moisture content of useless solid phase after treatment, convenient for transportation;

3. Drilling cuttings drying for oil-based and composite base mud is very effective;

4. Further dewatering and screening the solid particles separated from the first-grade mud treatment to improve the overall treatment effect;

5. Adopt a unique grouting process when dealing with the solid phase of high-flow mud to improve the treatment efficiency;

6. Modular design, convenient and fast moving and transportation;

7. Concealed cable design, well site specification;

8. Simple and practical processing process, small variety of processing equipment, large processing capacity;

9. The whole set of equipment is simple to operate, with less labor and low cost of use and maintenance.