Oil-based drill cuttings reduction processing system

Oil-based drilling cuttings is a kind of oilfield drilling fluid, also called oil-based mud, which includes oil as the continuous phase, water volume content up to 50% as the dispersed phase, emulsifier as stabilizer and water-in-oil emulsified drilling fluid and A drilling fluid usually made of diesel oil, oxidized asphalt, organic acids, alkalis and other chemical agents. Oil-based drilling fluid has the advantages of high temperature resistance, salt and calcium corrosion resistance, and is beneficial to the stability of the borehole wall, good lubricity, and less damage to the oil and gas reservoirs. At present, it has developed into an important method for drilling high-temperature wells, deep wells and other high-difficulty wells and various complex formations, but the preparation cost is much higher than that of water-based drilling fluids.(Oil-based drill cuttings reduction processing system)

Oil-based drill cuttings treatment usually adopts a special “oil-based drill cuttings zero discharge system“. The system is composed of screw conveyors, drill cuttings dryers, environmentally friendly centrifuges and other equipment, supporting the mud solids control system to achieve mud processing while drilling, replacing the traditional methods of using filter presses or mud tanks, greatly improving economic and environmental benefits, it is widely used in oilfield drilling.

After the oil-based drilling cuttings pass through the special oil-based mud zero discharge treatment system, it can process 40 tons of oil-based drilling cuttings per hour without adding any chemicals. The oil-base oil content of the drilling cuttings is controlled by 5% to 8%; the well is truly realized. “No pooling”, “reduction” and “zero emissions” and “zero additions” requirements for the field.

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