Mud Circulation System in Well Site “Green Drilling”

Drilling engineering is a field operation engineering in oil and gas exploration and development activities. During drilling production, “waste slurry, waste water, waste oil”, rock cuttings, production and domestic garbage and other wastes inevitably cause pollution and harm to the surrounding environment. Therefore, vigorously promote the “green drilling” mud circulation system, actively realize sustainable development, establish green environmental protection awareness, control pollution from the source, and realize green environmental protection for oil and gas exploration and development.

“Green drilling” refers to the drilling process that focuses on pollution prevention, minimizes the consumption of raw materials and energy, reduces production costs, and reduces and prevents damage to the ecological environment during the drilling process.

In order to bring the broken cuttings of the bottom hole drill bit to the ground in time to continue drilling, and to cool the drill bit to protect the well wall and prevent the occurrence of drilling accidents such as well collapse and lost circulation, the rotary drilling rig is equipped with a mud circulation system. The mud circulation system includes drilling pumps, ground manifolds, mud tanks, mud purification equipment, etc. The ground manifolds include high-pressure manifolds, risers, and hoses, and mud purification equipment includes drilling fluid shakers, de-sanders, and desilters , Centrifuges, etc.

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