The process of Farm sludge dewatering

In the sludge dewatering of farms, sludge dewatering equipment is the core and important equipment. The principle of sludge dewatering equipment in farms is the same as that of sludge dewatering equipment in other industries. There are many sludge dewatering equipment in farms. At present, domestic sludge treatment equipment includes centrifuges, plate and frame filter presses, chamber filter presses, diaphragm filter presses, and high-pressure sludge dryers. Different sludge treatment equipment the moisture content after dehydration is different.

The characteristics of farm pollution are high-concentration organic sewage sludge, high content of suspended solids and ammonia nitrogen, and high content of organic matter and microorganisms. The sewage sludge of the breeding site has the characteristics of three highs. The organic matter concentration COD is as high as 3000-12000mg/1, the ammonia nitrogen content is as high as 800-2200mg/1, the suspended matter is dozens of times more than SS, the color is deep, and it contains a lot of bacteria, organic phosphorus, Heavy metals, residual chemicals and other hazardous substances.

It has been proved by experiments that the effect of using the horizontal screw decanting centrifuge in the sludge dewatering process of the farm is better than that of other sludge dewatering equipment. The centrifuge adopts the principle of centrifugation. After being treated by the centrifuge, the water content of the sludge cake is low, the equipment covers a small area, and the capital construction cost is low, the device has the advantages of compact structure and so on.

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