Drilling waste mud treatment is currently a major problem in oil fields

Waste drilling mud is one of the main pollution sources in the oil and gas industry, and its waste disposal is currently a major problem that plagues oil fields.

The oilfield drilling waste mud treatment process is the immediate disposal of waste drilling mud (drill cuttings) while drilling, meeting the requirement of “mud zero discharge”, reducing land use and reducing environmental pollution. This technology is to change the “end treatment” to “full process control”, the waste mud is diluted-flocculated-separated into three parts: cuttings, mud cake and water, and the solids in the mud are treated by water washing, flocculation separation and chemical reaction. Make the cuttings and mud cake meet the discharge standard. After the harmful components and chloride ions in the mud are separated into the water, they are dehydrated by vacuum adsorption or extrusion to make mud cakes. At the same time, the waste water separated by centrifugation is subjected to air flotation. The sedimentation, filtration system, and reverse osmosis system are used for concentration treatment. After treatment, the up-to-standard wastewater can be reused for drilling recycling.

The main equipment for the treatment process of waste oil drilling mud includes: drying shale shaker, drill cuttings dryer, drilling fluid centrifuge, screw conveyor, screw pump, etc. KOSUN’s mud zero discharge system can effectively control the water content of drilling cuttings (6%-10%) in the drilling mud, stabilize the liquid phase performance, and achieve the purpose of zero discharge of the mud.

There are many kinds of waste mud treatment processes in oilfield drilling. Each treatment solution needs to be determined according to the drilling site and drilling construction conditions. It must not only achieve the treatment effect, but also meet the national environmental protection requirements, and strive to achieve harmless treatment. It plays an active role in improving and protecting the environment, soil and groundwater.

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