Reservoir dredging sludge dewatering treatment equipment

The following is a detailed introduction to the five commonly used treatment equipment for reservoir dredging sludge dewatering:

The ideal method for front-end sludge dredging treatment is to use a submersible sand pump as a dredging pump and a cutter suction dredger and a scour suction dredger. The method often used in the back-end sludge dewatering treatment is to use a special sludge treatment system to separate the solid and liquid of the sludge from the sludge from the front-end dredging. The system mainly includes: screening equipment, dosing system, Sludge dewatering equipment, etc. Among them, sludge dewatering equipment can be prepared with 3 different types of equipment according to different actual conditions of reservoir sludge, including: screw stacker, centrifuge, filter press:

1) The submersible sand pump is used as the dredging pump, and the corresponding sand pumping system and special sand conveying pipeline can be used for easy cleaning. The overall configuration is simple to operate, easy to use and economical.

2) Adopt cutter suction dredger and scour suction dredger. It is mostly used in situations where the area of the reservoir is relatively large, the dredging sediment is relatively hard, or the requirements for the depth of dredging are relatively strict. Suction type dredging vessel, simple to operate, low investment, mostly used in small reservoirs, the sediment is not very hard and can be recoiled with high pressure water, and the depth requirements for dredging are not very strict.

3) Snail stacking machine: The snail stacking machine has the functions of rapid concentration, continuous dehydration and self-cleaning. The advantage of the screw stacking machine is that the equipment relies on the movement between the fixed ring and the moving ring to achieve a continuous self-cleaning process, so that the It avoids the common clogging problem of traditional dewatering machines, and also achieves the purpose of sufficient sludge dewatering.

4) Filter press: The basic principle of solid-liquid separation is: the mixed liquid flows through the filter medium (filter cloth), the solids stay on the filter cloth, and gradually accumulate on the filter cloth to form a filter cake. The filtrate part penetrates the filter cloth and becomes a clear liquid without solids. The plate and frame filter press is used for the separation of solid and liquid. Compared with other solid-liquid separation equipment, the mud cake filtered by the filter press has higher solid content and excellent separation effect.

5) Centrifuge: It uses the principle of centrifugal sedimentation to separate the suspension in the sludge. The smaller the particles, the slower the sedimentation and the more serious the diffusion phenomenon. Therefore, the powerful centrifugal force of the centrifuge is used to accelerate the sedimentation of the particles in the liquid. The speed of these small particles can overcome the diffusion to produce a sedimentation process, so as to achieve a rapid dewatering process of the sludge slurry. The progress of the sludge dredging and dewatering project in the reservoir is generally subject to time requirements and limitations. Stable and efficient treatment equipment can well ensure the smooth completion of the reservoir sludge dredging and dewatering project according to quality and on time.

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