Sewage treatment technology is facing new changes

Sewage treatment technology is facing new changes

Compared with the traditional sewage treatment plant, the concept of sewage treatment plant proposed four new goals, namely: sustainable water quality, energy recovery, resource recycling, environment-friendly.

Sewage treatment
Sewage treatment

After 30 years of rapid development, China’s urban sewage treatment has made great achievements. But along the way, there are some hidden dangers in China’s sewage treatment business. Due to the lack of sustainable development concept, leading to the industry’s shortsighted, extensive, chaotic and even inferior. China’s sewage treatment project urgently needs to base itself on national conditions and carry out a systematic exploration for the future. The company is located in:

Recalling the course of development over the past 100 years, sewage treatment has made tremendous contributions to improving the living environment and promoting the progress of human civilization. The activated sludge method invented in 1912, long-term and effective to curb the discharge of water pollutants, still plays an important role in the sewage treatment system. In the 1960s, the United States put forward the concept of “advanced waterworks in the 21st century” with advanced thinking. That is, raising the standard of sewage treatment to drinking water standard has a profound impact on the development of the industry.

As of 2013, China has built and put into operation more than 3,500 sewage treatment plants at the county level and above, with a total daily processing capacity of 140 million cubic meters, playing a key role in deterring the intensification of water pollution.

Sewage treatment is in a period of major changes, urban sewage treatment plants will be reduced from pure pollutants into resources, energy plants, related policies, standards, technologies, practices are widely and profoundly changed. And these are the new directions that China must pay attention to in the future development of sewage treatment.

China Sewage Treatment Concept Factory is not the focus of the general sense of the project, demonstration projects, more should be seen as China’s sewage treatment business under the current opportunities and challenges for the future to a systematic exploration. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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