The desander cleaner is used in the solid phase control system of drilling fluid.

The desander cleaner is used in the solid phase control system of drilling fluid. It is a combination of cyclone desander and vibrating screen.

Desanding cleaner designed according to the principle of particle sedimentation, the drilling fluid separation medium through sand pump produce certain pressure and velocity, along the spiral into the cyclone wall, coarser particles under the action of centrifugal force and gravity walls along the hydrocyclone vortex sink, from the
underflow port , falls below breakdown vibrating screen separation, has risen in a spiral along the hydrocyclone, the rest of the media from the overflow mouth into the third grade separation equipment desilter further purification treatment.

Installation and debugging of desander cleaner:

The desander cleaner is m+ainly composed of a vibrating screen, a shunt manifold and a cyclone. The inlet pipe and overflow pipe of the desander cleaner are symmetrical at both ends to facilitate installation. Connect the slurry outlet of the sand pump with the inlet pipe of the desilter cleaner, and drain the overflow pipe of the desilter to another drilling fluid tank.

KOSUN MA series mud aitator

KOSUN MA series mud aitator belongs to the equipment of tank type drilling fluid solid control system, it is mainly used for drilling fluid mixing, prevent the drilling fluid solid phase particle deposition in the tank circulation system, make the circulating drilling fluid performance is stable, mixing, mixer by explosion-proof motor, reducer, frame and wave wheel of four most. The motor and the reducer, the reducer and the wave wheel shaft are connected by a rigid coupling, and the wave wheel is welded by four blade groups.

Installation and maintenance of mud agitator:

1. When installing the mud agitator, lift the agitator horizontally and place it in the desired position smoothly;

2. Mud agitator rigid coupling must be equipped with spring pad and should be solid and reliable;

3. During the operation of mud mixer, there should be no difference in sound, cassette and high temperature;

4. The oil level of the mud agitator reducer should be kept in the middle of the oil window, and the oil should be replenished frequently when working.

Features and advantages of KOSUN’s vertical cuttings dryer.

In oil and gas drilling, water based mud is used in shallow Wells and oil based mud is used in deep Wells. Conventional solid control equipment can effectively recover heavy metal and useful drilling fluid items. If these solid phase parts containing heavy metals and compounds are discharged randomly without treatment, long-term precipitation will cause great harm to the surrounding vegetation, soil, groundwater and other natural environment and human survival environment.

With the constant improvement of the environmental protection requirement, puts forward higher requirements on drilling field cuttings nursing, the emergence of drilling waste purification system, not only can very good to solve the environmental problems, at the same time to the waste of the solid control system to produce secondary recycling, can maximize the retention of mud is useful at the same time, to focus again after processing of drilling cuttings curing processing, reduce on-site damage to the surrounding environment.

Features and advantages of KOSUN’s vertical cuttings dryer:

1. Self-suction device, which does not need centrifugal pump to supply drilling mud;

2. Eliminate corrosion and reduce the cost of repair and maintenance;

3. Compact design and small space;

4. Deaerator can also be used as a high-power mud mixer;

5. Excellent performance, low noise, flexible and reliable braking;

6. With large capacity, low energy consumption and perfect shockproof, timing, automatic and safety control system.

The drilling fluid cleaner is a combined mud cleaner with a desander and desilter.

The drilling fluid cleaner is a combined mud cleaner with a desander and desilter, including a hydrocyclone desander, desilter, pressure pump, cyclone, bottom flow tank, drilling fluid vibrating screen, bracket and base. The mud cleaner is compact in structure, small in space area and powerful in function. It is an ideal choice for drilling mud to control the solid phase of two or three levels.

Xi ‘an KOSUN adopts the most advanced drilling fluid cleaner manufacturing process at home and abroad, to ensure the production of powerful, compact structure, easy to operate, easy to maintain the drilling fluid cleaner.

1. The main structure of the drilling fluid cleaner is arranged in the upper and lower parts. The cyclone desander and mud remover are arranged on the upper part.

2. There is a control butterfly valve between the main inlet and outlet pipes of the desander and desilter, which can adjust the number of work of the desander and desilter at any time, and the operation is simple and easy to maintain;

3. Wear resistant special polyurethane material is selected for the cyclone, which has the advantages of good corrosion resistance and highly healthy fluid flushing;

4. Feed mouth tangent feed, smooth transition, conducive to improve the separation efficiency, the inner surface is smooth, reasonable flow channel;

5. The hydrocyclone desander and desilter are equipped with automatic sand control and blocking device and bottom flow port adjusting device; 6. Different Numbers of desander cyclone and desilter cyclone can be configured according to user requirements.

Daily maintenance of centrifuge

Centrifuge must have special operating and maintenance personnel, operators should check per class, record the flow rate of the machine the vibration of the main bearing, bearing temperature, working current, voltage and other data, before each downtime should be in the drum and spiral of sediment is rinsed clean, lest drum and spiral internal product materials caused by the vibration of the machine, the next time you start in the process of work, in case of sudden high electric current, should be immediately shut down feed valve, open the purge valve cleaning spiral to the working current lie screw can continue through material, after returning to normal say failure lie screw have been conversely, need to find out the reason behind the discharge fault to boot up again.

Before the centrifuge is shut down for a long time, the material in the drum should be carefully removed. Grease should be added to each lubricating part and the machine should be cleaned. Rust prevention oil should be applied to the relevant parts.

Xi ‘an KOSUN series of horizontal spiral discharge settling centrifuge is my company to introduce and absorb advanced foreign technology developed on the basis of and improvement, to develop a series of centrifuge products, mainly used in urban life waste water, industrial waste water, chemical, video, pharmaceutical, nonmetalliferous ore and similar areas of solid-liquid separation in production process.

The mud gun produced by xi ‘an KOSUN is a professional oil drilling fluid solid control equipment.

Mud gun is usually used with high-power sand pump or shear pump, mainly to prevent mud from settling in drilling mud tank.

Mud gun is used for high-pressure injection device in mud tank to prevent solid phase precipitation at the corner of mud tank and suction inlet of each pump. It can also be used to transport mud between silos.

Features and advantages:

1. Mud gun manufactured by KOSUN can be fully rotated and adjusted;

2. Use a replaceable abrasive nozzle.

The mud gun produced by xi ‘an KOSUN is a professional oil drilling fluid solid control equipment, which is different from many other solid control equipment. The mud gun designed and produced by our company can perfectly combine the solid control system, coordinate the work, and make the whole solid control system become a unified whole. The mud gun produced by our company is designed, produced and manufactured for the mud solid control system of different drilling RIGS. It is mainly used in the mud solid control system of drilling fluids, including low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure. Respectively for sand pump, slurry pump mostly in the form of form a complete set, the device also can be used with drilling mud shear pump, mainly to prevent mud in drilling mud tank precipitate a kind of special tools, our company produces the mud gun injection effect is good, clean area, is currently on the market of similar products in a product is rare. The device is simple in structure, flexible in operation and convenient in use.

Mud tank as an indispensable equipment in the solid control system

As the mud carrier, the mud tank is an indispensable part of the mud circulation system, which can in turn complete the weight of mud, slurry distribution, solid-liquid separation, degassing and other processes; The mud tank carries the mud circulation from the wellhead to the mud pump, and the solid phase particles in the mud are separated step by step through the corresponding solid control equipment on the tank, and the mud weight mixing system is deployed to meet the drilling process requirements.

The degassing equipment on the mud tank can remove the harmful gas in the mud, so as to ensure the environmental requirements and mud weight of the work site; Mud tank adopts electrical centralized control. In polar regions, the tanks are equipped with heating and insulation systems.

Mud tank on the supporting equipment generally: drilling fluid shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter. Sand and mud removal machine, liquid and gas separator, mud agitator, sand pump, shear pump, centrifuge, electronic ignition device, mixing funnel, jet mixing device, mud gun, etc.

Mud tank as an indispensable equipment in the solid control system, the use of the need to pay attention to: do not let the mud tank sediment attached to the tank wall, reduce the capacity of the tank, is not conducive to cleaning.

Xi ‘an KOSUN manufacturing series mud tank is mostly square tank, the base of i-steel as the main beam plus other profiles, on the basis of meeting its strength requirements made of skid-mounted structure.

Recently, 2 sets of ZJ15 fixed control system produced by KOSUN were successfully sent to the Ukrainian project site.

Recently, 2 sets of ZJ15 fixed control system produced by KOSUN were successfully sent to the Ukrainian project site. Previously, KOSUN invited customers from the Ukrainian market to visit the factory to inspect the production process and work progress, and the customers gave a high evaluation of KOSUN’s professional products.

KOSUN production of ZJ15 drilling solids control system is a set of mechanical and electrical control of sludge treatment system, drilling mud can be hierarchical processing, at the same time, the drilling mud can be mixed, degassing, aggravating, mixing, can also be used to supply of wellhead mud, the Ukrainian market customer order system by mud mud tank, mixing tank, rotation of the crane and solids control equipment. The whole system includes vibration screen, vacuum deaerator two-stage solid control equipment, mud mix weight system, mud supply system, electrical control system, lighting system, etc. The surface coating of the system is durable, which can ensure that the system can be used in the wear and corrosion environment.

This ZJ15 drilling solids control system has several special designs of important processes, which can be used to grade drilling mud. The mud can also be weighted, mixed and stirred. Drug canisters and pipelines can provide slurry batching for the system; Mud system can be mixed and matched for system mud; Supply silo and supply line can supply mud supply for wellhead mud defect; Mud gun pipeline and mixing system can fully stir and mix in the mud tank; The clean water collection can provide water channel for slurry distribution and flushing tank surface.

ZJ15 drilling solids control system adopts multi-functional design, so that the system can meet the requirements of different mud systems, and each system and process can work independently or simultaneously.

Liquid-gas separator is mainly used to deal with large bubbles in drilling fluid.

Liquid-gas separator is mainly used to deal with large bubbles in drilling fluid. Throttling and exhaust operation should be carried out after gas invasion; When overflow occurs, kill the well. Drilling fluid from the throttle manifold into the liquid gas separator, degassing treatment. The drilling fluid separated from the above two conditions also has small bubbles, which go into the vibration screen for degassing, flow to the sand bin, and then go into the vacuum degassing device for routine degassing.

During the drilling of ultra-high pressure gas Wells, the amount of gas and liquid entering the wellbore varies greatly. This requires the Liquid-gas separatorto have a wide range of handling capacity, and its handling capacity of gas and liquid volume must meet the needs of well killing construction. The following factors should be taken into consideration in the scheme design:

1. The task of the separator is to deal with continuous gas phase and large bubbles;

2. Provide appropriate dwell time to enable small bubbles to gather in a certain depth range below the liquid surface;

3. Solid cuttings cannot be deposited in the separator;

4. The separator can work normally except that the air column reaches the wellhead.

Features and advantages of the liquid and gas separator:

1. Separation and discharge of a large number of free gases in the mud system, including toxic gases, such as hydrogen sulfide;

2. The separated gas is discharged to the safe area of the wellsite through the discharge nozzle path for combustion;

3. The equipment is coated with anti-corrosion coating, which can extend the service life when dealing with corrosive gases.

The main shield tunnel sludge treatment systems of KOSUN.

After years of mud equipment design and manufacturing, The mud and water separation, slurry dehydration, slurry drying equipment and complete system of KOSUN have been widely used in many construction projects, such as pipe jacking construction, horizontal directional crossing, pile foundation engineering and underground diaphragm wall engineering. the pile foundation engineering and the construction of the underground continuous wall, and other construction projects, accumulated the rich spate separation field cases, and gradually formed its own in the field of shield mud treatment sludge treatment integration solutions.

The main shield tunnel sludge treatment systems are kd-200-k1 mud treatment system, d-series kds-500 mud treatment system, kd-500 mud treatment system, kd-200 mud treatment system, and kd-100 mud treatment system. In addition, we can also customize an exclusive shield tunnel sludge treatment system according to the actual needs of customers and the actual situation of the construction site.

KOSUN shield tunnel sludge treatment system is a modular structure design system. Designed for mud purification in all kinds of large, medium and small sized mud and water balance shield construction projects. The system is composed of coarse vibrating screen module, desander module and desilter module. Coarse vibrating screen module is equipped with coarse screen for removing large particles. desander module is equipped with multiple desander hydrocyclones.

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