Drilling Waste Management Services and Solution

Due to resource sharing and integration of international oil equipment  manufacturers and engineering services providers,Kosun has built close  strategic cooperation with foreign well-known drilling fluid engineering  services providers and drilling waste management services providers to  jointly discuss and develop integrated services, including drilling waste management,drilling fluid supply, drilling fluid additives,oil chemicals,  and to provide the most reliable products and the top quality services for  oilfields all over the world.

Drilling Waste Management System
Drilling Waste Management System

Drilling Waste Management emerges as oil and gas filed exploration develops and national enviromental protection laws and regulations mature.

Zero Discharge Solution of Water-base Mud Energy Saving Type

Zero Discharge Solution of Water-base Mud Energy Saving Type
Zero Discharge Solution of Water-base Mud Energy Saving Type

-High integration level of system equipment,small footprint,compact and light for easy moving.

-Simple process,convenient operation,efficient treatment,over 300m³water-base drilling waste can be treated per day,water content in solids after treatment is within 15-17%.

-Mild treatment condutions,low treatment cost,features extensive application,cost saving,ect.

-Well adapted to treat various types of water-base mud drilling waste.

Oil-base Mud Cuttings Treatment System

Oil-base Mud Cuttings Treatment System
Oil-base Mud Cuttings Treatment System

-Continuous feeding device of large capacity up to 40-60t per hour.

-High-efficiency solid-liquid separation minimizes liquid content in cuttings.OOC after treatment is below 6%.Effective separation retrieves large volume of drilling fluid to be reused in active mud system.

-Integrated program mable logic controller(PLC)has automatic alarm indicator to monitor temperature,torque,oil mass and running time,easy safe and reliable operation.

-Foldable handrail and walkway,convenient for operators to perform routine main-tenance,disassembly and transport.

Founded in 1992,KOSUN is dedicated to provision of solid-liquid separation products and environmental protection water treatment solustions for  global customers and to resolution of envinonmental problems caused bu wastewater and waste sludge produced by various industries.Products are mainly applied in municipal  construction,envinonmental protection engineering,petrochemica industrial,mining,soil ecological restoration,industrial sewage treatment,ect.A complete set of solution increases wastewater recycling rate,reduces waste discharge and achieves sustainale development. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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Drilling Waste Management Services by Kosun Help Companies

Drilling waste management services

Drilling waste management services are processing the wastes through vast and systematic equipments. Services from Kosun in recent was reflected helped many clients a lot.

The procedure is simple: First use shale shaker extracts drilling cuttings from the mines and then the extraction of fluids from the cuttings, the left is considered as drilling wastes which need to be managed.

After all the processing, the most important issue needs to be handled regarding drilling waste management services. The issue is determining the waste disposal option. It is the end stage of the total drilling waste management. An environment friendly waste disposal method must be followed in order to calm down all the controversy and criticism regarding environmental sustainability.

And following is the 3D picture of drilling waste management services by Kosun:

drilling waste management services
drilling waste management services

Here a brief discussion about the Drilling Waste Management Services Help Companies is given below:
How the drilling waste should be disposed? A very common disposal method of drilling waste is land spray while drilling. In this method, the drilling waste is sprayed by using a pump. This method of disposal is very effective for fluid based drilling waste.  It is very cost effective.

Another effective way of disposing drilling waste is pumping off the waste. In this process, the non – radioactive clear fluid of waste is pumped in a green planting area. It is very sustainable way of disposal as it ensures the best use of natural elements. Another vastly used approach for waste disposition is the mix – bury approach. In this method, a mixture is created by using drilling waste with mud of disposing area. Above the mixture of those two components, a single layer of soil is used to cover the mixture.

It is also a very environment friendly way of waste disposition as it causes minimum contamination. Finally, another way of disposing the drilling waste is using separate waste disposal sumps. In this method, several waste sumps are built for disposing different types of waste. It is the formal waste disposal system of drilling companies.