KOSUN Drilling Cuttings Collection Box

Drilling Cuttings Collection Box is widely used in drilling sites. Drilling debris and other wastes generated during the drilling operation are collected and stored in a drill chip collection box and transported to a centralized treatment facility by means of a crane or a forklift truck for centralized treatment. The operation is safe, convenient and cost-effective. Drilling operations provide a convenient and regular operation process. At present, KOSUN design and production high-quality Drilling Cuttings Collection Box, and customized according to customer demand design.

Features Advantages of KOSUN Drilling Cuttings Collection Box:

  1. Large import and export and design with a tilt angle, more convenient and safe collection and dumping debris.
  2. High-quality rubber sealed roof, effectively prevent debris spill.
  3. Large effective capacity, smaller footprint, saving drilling costs.
  4. Stackable structure design allows to increase the capacity of the case without increasing the floor area.
  5. Reasonable height design, eliminate potentially dangerous working height.
  6. Reliable and convenient lifting design, to ensure safe and efficient lifting equipment.
  7. Liquid discharge hole, completely draining objects inside the box, easy to wash and clean.

Technical Parameters of KOSUN Drilling Cuttings Collection Box:

Model YXG-2.2
Effective volume 2.2 m3
Weight 1.22 T
Size 2250×1650×1355mm
Design Standards DNV 2.7-1/EN12079

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